Blossom Tree Childcare was established ten years ago and was born out of the challenges felt by the proprietor and her family in the search for a reliable child carer and Agency. Blossom Tree is a family run agency based in South East London supplying child carers to families in London and the UK.

Blossom Tree has worked closely with International Holiday companies such as Mark Warner and Esprit in addition with schools and Nurseries.

We provide Nannies and Maternity nurses to more specialised help such as Mobile crèches, wedding, christenings and most large family events and celebrations

We all understand the issues that may arise when thinking or planning to have a childcarer and thus offer a service based on all your requirements and request, we will endeavour to offer ongoing support and guidance before during and after your placement…through experience we are aware of the importance of purely listening to all of your concerns questions and queries. 


Blossom Tree is aware of the rising cost of childcare and feel very strongly that expensive placement fees does not always equate to better quality care, our main aim is to find you the best childcarer for your Family at an affordable rate. Please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to listen to all your questions and queries.